Question for DPL candidates: Board of directors?
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Sylvestre Ledru
2017-03-22 20:30:46 UTC

During your term, is there any chance that you work on replacing the DPL
role by a board of directors?

If not, why?

Mehdi Dogguy
2017-03-23 09:38:18 UTC
Hi Sylvestre,
Post by Sylvestre Ledru
During your term, is there any chance that you work on replacing the DPL role
by a board of directors?
Post by Sylvestre Ledru
If not, why?
Because I do not like jumping on conclusions.

Let me explain further.

I agree that it is becoming harder and harder to have DPL candidates. I agree
that we must do something. That something cannot be directly "replacing the DPL
role by a BoD" because:
- First, we have to understand why we have this problem
- Then, why this is a problem
- Finally, we have to list what we do not like with the DPL role and we want
to enhance.

Based on that analysis, we can see how to improve the situation. If do not
have a clear understanding of the situation, we are not going to improve it
in any way by picking solutions that worked well in other projects.

I think that Debian is quite unique in its governance and may require us to be
more imaginative to find a suitable solution for the project.

I have to admit that I wasn't worried last year when I was the single DPL
candidate. I am worried this year because I think the situation didn't
improve this year. It is true that we have two DPL candidates but there not
many questions asked during the campaign period. So I was thinking of organizing
at least two BoFs:
- One specifically targeted on the DPL role: What the DPL does? What he should
be doing? What to expect from the DPL? What is people's perception of the
DPL role?
- Then, based on the input of the first BoF, a second BoF about Debian's
Governance where we could start thinking about solutions on how to improve
the situation. There are many possible solutions (based on the issues that
we are able to identify): 1) Evolve the DPL role to something that fits more
nowadays project's needs; 2) Change DPL role with another role or another
structure; 3) ...

I am not sure we all have the same expectations about the DPL role nor we
have a clear understanding about what other structures could bring us (that
we are unable to achieve with the current DPL role). So all this should be
discussed so that we collectively feel that we are able to identify the best
solution for our project and list specific arguments against old situation and
in favor of the new one.

So you can count on me to organize those two sessions and make a summary of
those two sessions (possible with an action plan). But I am not yet convinced
that we have identified the best solution to improve the situation.

I've always seen the DPL campaign as a way to push motivated DDs to identify
ways to improve the project, push for new ideas, etc... and give them the
ability to implement them. A DPL has a clear scope and powers (documented in
our constitution) and can be helped by other contributors whenever he feels it
is necessary. Some innovation in our project comes from DPL campaign where we
have to put things into perspective and plan for the future. I am personally
attached to those aspects.

Chris Lamb
2017-03-24 09:31:49 UTC
Hi Sylvestre,
is there any chance that you work on replacing the DPL role by a
board of directors?
By "any chance", you seem to be imply you have specific concerns with the
current DPL setup and/or there would be significant advantages to moving
to a board structure.

I was wondering if you could elaborate on this so we could both counter
(or agree!) with your issues, rather than it being a little too abstract.

: :' : Chris Lamb
`. `'` ***@debian.org / chris-lamb.co.uk
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